Thursday, November 17, 2016

leaf jumping

Our home in North Carolina was in a brand new complex so there weren't many mature trees with leaves that fell.  Here in New Jersey there are trees galore so the kids finally get to experience that fall favorite activity of jumping in a pile of leaves!

I thought it might take me forever to rake a pile big enough for them to enjoy but it didn't.  They were thrilled to death with my little pile.  :-)

Then I took it up a notch and raked a pile beneath the bottom of the slide.  They thought this was ahhh-mazing!  I love that they are still so easy to please.  :-)

Big plans are already in place for sliding into a snow pile when winter comes.

Love making these memories with them.  Next year Noel will be out here running around too - can't wait!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

november happenings: week one

I'm so lucky to have an easy-going baby for #3.  Noel enjoyed some lunch in the car today while we were waiting to pick Hadley up from preschool.  He doesn't mind a little lunch on the long as there is lunch!

I've been thinking about doing this project for awhile now and finally got around to it.  Asher is great about getting himself dressed and ready for school, but still needs me to set out his clothes.  These bins make it so I can load them on Sunday and he's good to go all week.  It's been such a huge time saver for me!

Noel has had a cold this week but you wouldn't know it to look at him.  He's such a happy chap!

You guys.  Daylight Savings Time is no joke.  11am.

Halloween is over but I had these crescent rolls in the fridge and thought the kids might get a kick out of some "mummy dogs" for lunch.  First, it turns out they don't know what mummies are, so that point was kind of lost.  Second, they never ever enjoy special things like this as much as I think they will.  They both preferred to peel the roll off and eat them separately. Oh well, I tried.  ha!

This election has me all tied up in knots.  Drew and I have talked it over and decided that the Libation Party is a party we can get behind.  Booze for all!

Gus learned how to sit up, so now this is how he wants to spend nap time.  Very impressive sir, but go to sleep!

The schools are trying to make me crazy so on Wednesday Asher had a half day (12:30 pick up) while Hadley had a normal day (2:30 pick up).  That meant Asher got to come along to get his sister.  He asked if he could get "some chips" to bring in the car so I said sure, get them in a bag while I go feed Noel.  I come back down to this.  Well, they are in a bag.  Why he didn't just grab the entire bag they came in, I don't know.  Silly guy.  

This week we had one of the first truly cold days.  This guy got all bundled up to start our endless cycle of drop off/pick up of the big kids.  He's so cute and cuddly in there!  I could just smooch him!!

Uh oh.  He's getting faster and discovered the second opening!  Baby gate for that spot to come...

And I have a great helper for the dishes.  What did I do before we had a third kid??  :-)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

october happenings: week four

The last week in October is one of my favorites of the whole year.  First, I make the kids sit for a picture in their costumes.  This earns me lots of "fun mom" points with them and puts us all in a good mood!  #savetheglareforyourteenyearsgirlie

There have been piles of leaves everywhere we go and it's so much fun to throw them every which way!  Noel was in the carrier while we walked Asher home from school and was just staring at these 2, trying to figure out why they are acting so crazy.  ha!

A cold snap of 50* hit us the other day and Hadley was NOT ready.  "It's so cold mommy" - hopefully she grows some thicker skin before winter really hits.  She's still a Southern girl, so it's not looking good.

This guy has no complaints about the cold.  I think he's tucked under there somewhere!

Hadley was so excited to open her birthday present and see Maryellen looking up at her!  These two girls are new best friends.  

Happy 4th birthday Hadley!

Sweet Noel loves it when the big kids are at school.  One-on-one time with mommy?  Yes, please!

All of the fun wore us out and H and I ended up with a cold at the end of the week.  It's nothing that a little vitamin C and snuggles won't cure.

 Gus has decided to go full on mobile so we had to activate the security systems and get some baby gates installed.  He isn't impressed and keeps checking for weaknesses.  The big kids have been SO good about opening and closing the gates.  They take Noel's safety very seriously.

It was a great October and we're excited for the fun to come.  Who else things the last 2 months of the year are the best?!

Monday, October 31, 2016

happy halloween!

It is Noel's 1st Halloween!  Babies are so darn cute anyway, but babies in costume take the cake.  Hadley has been saying for months that she wants to be Cinderella for Halloween so I knew that our Gus had to be GusGus.

We all really wanted Asher to be Prince Charming, but he wasn't feeling it.  He's 6 now, so I get it and we forgive him.  :-)

Hadley was happy to have both her Angry Bird and GusGus.

This guy though.  Love him!

On Halloween Asher's school has a costume parade so I took Hadley and Grace over with me to watch him walk with his class.  The girls loved seeing the big kids in their costumes!

After school everyone got in their costumes and hit the neighborhood for CANDY.  I love how excited Asher and Hadley were.  They totally understand the process now and couldn't wait to get out there - ha!

Noel had fun, but decided to let the big kids have his candy this year.  Next year he will be all over it!  Now to start brainstorming the team costume...  :-)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

happy 4th birthday hadley!

Hadley Fern, you are FOUR years old!

Our happy Hadley is 4 already - I can't believe it!  Wasn't it just yesterday that she was this big?

We celebrated her big day with a gymnastics party this year.  Hadley has been taking gymnastics classes and wanted to have her party there as well.  This is the first year she's had a party outside of the house and invited friends from preschool.  It went so great - all of the kids had fun and Hadley loved having all eyes on her!

A couple days after her party it was Hadley's actual birthday, so of course we had to celebrate at home.  

She was completely obsessed with these noise makers and wanted nothing more than to toot her own horn all night.

 Hadley requested a kitty cake just like last year's so I was happy to oblige!

Four is such a fun age!  Every gift was thrilling and she was so happy and grateful for each one.

Hadley has been asking for Maryellen for a few months now.  When she opened her up it was the best!  The next morning Ellie had to come with us to walk Asher to school.

Hadley, we love you so much!  You are such a funny girl and keep us on our toes all the time.  While you love princesses and "lip ploss" you also love to wrestle with the boys - in a field of roses, you are most certainly a wildflower.  Happy 4th birthday!!

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